How does Macbeth react to the new prophecy? In the play Macbeth seems to be disgusted with the prophecy but can also seem confused. We see this when he says to the witches ‘Why do you show me this?!’ And ‘Thy crown does sear my eyes. Was Macbeth wrong to demand more prophesies? I think […]

Scene 1 Banquo suspects that Macbeth killed the king but is at joy at the second half of the prophecy, that his own children would be king. Banquo is invited to come to the Macbeths’ palace. Scene 2 Macbeth is at his palace before Banquo arrives. He is worried that the monarchy will rise and […]

Act 2 Scene 2: Macbeth and Lady Macbeth both change in this Scene as Macbeth sees himself as a murderer and says he will sleep no more, where as Lady Macbeth seems more powerful and more like a puppet master than ever. Quote: Macbeth: “sleep no more Macbeth does murder sleep.”  

Act 2 Scene 1: Banquo and hos son are wandering the halls of Macbeth’s castle when the see Macbeth Banquo tells him that he had had a dream of the 3 sisters and when Banquo exits Macbeth had a vision of a clean dagger turned bloody Scene 2: Lady Macbeth enters where she sees Macbeth […]

How does Lady Macbeth text when Macbeth says ‘we will go no further in the business”? Lady Macbeth comes across passive aggressive before Act 1 Scene 7, but during this Scene we see she is very controlling and manipulative. She uses insults to take away people’s ambition and can use others to her advantage. She […]

Scene 1- We open the play with 3 witches chanting around the thunder roars. The exit to go and confront Macbeth. The line that is most memorable is “fair is foul, foul is fair”. Scene 2- At a battle camp King Duncan awaits the commander where he asks of Macbeth. The commander says Macbeth had […]

Right now I am reading The Flash: Rebirth (2016). The events take place after the result of the DC universe reboot, this is a way DC restarts their universe and all their heroes. Barry Allen is a CSI at the Central City Police department – the CCPD – but he also is the bearer of […]

And yet wouldst wrongly win

We open on a dark scene, a rock filled with black smoke and a flame in the centre. Three witches surrounded the flame. The first in a black robe and a withered face. The second in a longer robe with a crown on their head made of orc bones. The third in a mask similar […]